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Doulton Ceramic Water Filters

Doulton drinking water systems filters are simply the best drinking water filter for municipal and well water, where you want to retain minerals in your drinking water.  The Ceramic Filter outer shell is more than 1/4 inch thick and is silver impregnated for bacteria protection.  Filtering less than one micron, the  Doulton UltraCarb is our best seller.  NSF certified for removing Chlorine, Particulate, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, Turbidity and Lead, as well as other  contaminents not listed.  We've Used Doulton UltraCarb & Super Carb candle Water Filters in our water Cooler Business for the last 10 years! We feel this online water filter is the best option when a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is not used as water treatment.

Also, choose specialty drinking water system filters for your doulton filter housing such as arseneic reduction and fluoride reduction as well as MTBE and sediment filters.  Lowest price Doulton online water filters and FREE shipping to lower 48 and Canada. These can also can be used with Berkey, British Berkefeld, Mountain Plumbing Water Filters and Franke Water Filter Housings.  (Franke filters are designated). These online filters available in candle and standard 2.5 x 10 inch and pressure undersink and countertop units as well as gravity feed water filters for portable use.

  • Cera Ultra 10" (s)
    $47.50 Cera Ultra 10" (s)
    AquaCera W9512500 CeraUltra is a four stage ceramic filter cartridge combining the highly efficient filtration properties of ceramic with the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon and the heavy metal...

  • doulton ultracarb
    $59.00 UltraCarb Candle Water Filter
    The Doulton UltraCarb Candle has a Ceramic outer shell Sterasyl a impregnated with silver for antibacterial protection giving this ceramic filter self-sterilizing properties and removes the need for boiling of the water...

  • Sterasyl Candle Water Filter
    $35.00 Sterasyl Candle Water Filter
    Doulton British Berkefeld Sterasyl water filter is a silver impregnated ceramic microfilter. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria giving the ceramics...

  • A-2 Fluoride Reduction Filter
    $38.00 A-2 Fluoride Reduction Filter
    Fluoride Reduction Filter fits Doulton Candle Housing HIP. Use as an additional filter in your Doulton HIP Twin water filter system. Many believe that fluoride added to our municipal water supplies by the government is...

  • A-3 Nitrate Reduction Filter
    $35.00 A-3 Nitrate Reduction Filter
    Fits in Doulton 10" Candle Housings HIP HIP Twin & IP300UC Designed to reduce nitrates, nitrites, and sulfates in drinking water Can be regenerated with brine.  Uses an ion exchange resin which removes 100% of...

  • A-5 Arsenic Reduction Filter
    $39.00 A-5 Arsenic Reduction Filter
    Fits in Doulton HIP housings Dimensions: 2"D x 10"H Designed to reduce arsenic in drinking water to safe drinkable levels.  Effective at removing arsenic at a wider range.  Requires little or no pH adjustment of...

  • M-1 MTBE Reduction Filter
    $39.00 M-1 MTBE Reduction Filter
    * Can be used in Doulton & AquaCera 10" Candle Housings * MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) can cause taste and odor problems * Specifically designed for MTBE removal * Designed for increased capacity for trace...

  • 10 Micron Sediment Filter
    $12.00 10 Micron Sediment Filter
    10 Micron Pleated Sediment Pre-Filter for use in the Doulton HIP Twin or Triple Filter. If you have higher than usual sediment in your water this water filter makes an excellent pre-filter and gives your Doulton candle a...

  • Super Sterasyl 7 inch Gravity Filter
    $30.00 Super Sterasyl 7 inch Gravity Filter
    Sterasyl Ceramic outer shell-Granular activated Carbon Inner Core 7 inch Candle for use in the following gravity filter systems British Berkefeld  LP2 GSS2 and  GSS4 Reduce suspended solids, pathogenic...

  • Super Sterasyl 10 inch Gravity Filter
    $35.00 Super Sterasyl 10 inch Gravity Filter
    Sterasyl Ceramic outer shell-Granular activated Carbon Inner Core 10 inch Candle for use in the following gravity filter systems GCC Reduce suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, and improve...